Strength & Conditioning

Our Strength and Conditioning program is delivered via ex Charlton Athletic FC 1st team S&C coach Nick McBride.

Nick is a specialist in Sports Performance coaching both for adults and young athletes, with a wealth of knowledge and experience with professional football and rugby clubs built up over 20 years.

Not only is does Nick hold a Masters in Sports Performance, but he is also a qualified PE teacher and former Athletic Director.

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How does S&C benefit youth footballers?

  • Improved motor skills (mobility) including agility, balance, coordination

  • Increase strength for duels with opposition

  • Develop power for 

  • Speed

  • Injury prevention


Benefits of Youth Strength & Conditioning

Motor Skill Development. It is generally accepted that childhood offers a key time frame in which to learn and improve fundamental movement patterns and develop neuromuscular coordination; which, when combined with increased muscular force production, will lead to overall motor skill proficiency.

Strength training has many benefits including musculoskeletal strength, body composition, movement competency, and psychosocial wellbeing. Strength is considered as a factor to distinguish elite from non-elite youth players and future professionals from future amateurs.

Speed - The ability to produce high velocity movement and good running mechanics appear to be determined prior to puberty and are harder to develop following full maturation of the neuromuscular system. Speed is a game changer!!

Power - In many sports power is considered an essential physical attribute. Even though power should not be specifically trained until later adolescence, movement patterns and low load jumps and throws will still be a difference maker and lay solid foundations for later life.

Agility - High levels of agility have the ability to enhance the levels of performance of youth athletes in a large number of sports. Change of direction performance has shown to be one of the main distinguishing factors in talent identification in youth football.

Aerobic Fitness - Key performance indicator for many sports. As most sporty children play sports several days per week, priority should not be given to this area until later adolescence.