Pure Football Academy is an independent youth development centre with a passion for helping young footballers improve. Our coaches are FA and Uefa qualified and have either played or are currently playing at semi professional level.

Our aim is to provide advanced training to local players who excel at their local clubs, giving them an opportunity to further develop their individual technical ability, tactical understanding and psychological approach to football, all within a fun and safe environment. To ensure this development, our coaches create sessions built around our specially designed curriculum, which focuses on each individual age group.

Pure FA do not operate as a Football team, therefore we do not remove players from their local club, nor do we interfere with their availability for training. To ensure that our players can transfer and implement our training into match play, we often play exhibition matches as a replacement for training sessions.

Currently running 18 months - under 15 age groups, including Goalkeepers.

Learn new skills, techniques and understanding in various areas of football such as Dribbling, Defending, Shooting, Passing and much more.

2 personalised player reports per year.

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